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Glen Springs Elementary School

Through the Alachua County School partners in Education PGBC has become a partner with Glen Springs Elementary School. Each year, especially during VBS, our church members collect school supplies to donate to the school.


Other things we provide for Glen Springs all year:

  • Hand sanitizer for the classrooms

  • Cookies for the students on flu mist day

  • Goodies for the teachers and staff

  • Volunteers for school functions

  • Being a part of the PTA

When the school asked for help to pressure-wash their playground equipment, Pastor Slocumb did the job, making it clean and just like new.

Before and After

dirty hand rail
clean hand rail
dirty hand rings
clean hand rings
dirty tube
clean tube
Homeschoolers' Library

The church homeschool library helps support homeschool families throughout the Gainesville area through two free resources.

  1. Curriculum for all grades can be checked out and then returned after the family has finished using it. 

  2. We also have a variety of library books for all ages that may be checked out.

Hours 9.00am–1.00 pm, Monday – Thursday. Call the church before arriving to ensure that someone is in the office and able to help you. 

Vacation Bible School

June 2019: We collected school supplies for Glen Springs Elementary with a contest between the boys and the girls. The boys won so Ms. Emelie got sprayed with silly string.

GSE Collection.jpg
We collected school supplies this week for Glen Springs Elementary. We did a contest between the boys and girls. The boys won so Ms. Emelie got sprayed with silly string 😂
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